Artist Member – David Mazur

As photographer in New England, I am fortunate to have access to amazing photogenic landscapes and nature shots, allowing me to combine different styles of classic, contemporary and conceptual genres,  to best capture the light.

I believe all photographers are messengers of moments that communicate through the language of light.  If the moment is right, the patterns, textures, colors, shapes, and luminosity take on a life of their own for the observer to be inspired by the beauty of the natural moment.

The photography process requires that I find the best way to illuminate the subject with light and composition within the frame. I have discovered different subjects require various forms of printing mediums.  Therefore, you will find my photographs are printed on paper, metal and glass.

How to Contact Me:

Name: David Mazur

Email: david [@]


About My Art:

Media: Photography

Subjects: Landscapes and Nature

Samples of Artwork:

“Fishermen’s Dock” Sample Photo

The KAA Gallery, located in scenic Kittery Point, Maine, sponsors a variety of public events including art exhibits, music, poetry, guest lectures & art receptions.

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