Artist Member – Anne Vaughan

Art is a lifelong love, with visits to museums, and art history courses, I had a wonderful experience as a docent at the Philadelphia Art Museum. I painted from childhood in Texas on.  I lived in Maine for 10 years, where my four daughters were born, then moved to Pennsylvania, worked for, and became an attorney in Pennsylvania Legal Services, graduating law school at age 49, specializing in public benefits issues. Later I was employed by Congressman Joe Sestak to provide constituent service.  My attorney husband, Niles Schore, and I retired to Maine in 2010 to be nearer to daughters and grandchildren. I  exhibited locally at area libraries, and venues, (Blackbird, Vibe, Riverstone, Black Bean, Buoy, and the Berwick Art Association among them) and at the KAA for 9 years and Seacoast Moderns too. I have a history of being active politically, and that continues!  And we love our life in New England, with connections to Maine’s senior colleges and book groups and our local library. And of course, talented artist friends and creative daughters.


Art Work: I work in oils, on large canvases (usually 24×30 or larger), in fluid strokes and with a variety of styles. Many now are landscapes, bold brightly hued images of large trees against fields, water, and skies. Others are large images of still lifes, arrays ranging from hand molded earthenware to ornate forms from richer cultures, some ancient, African, Southwestern, inspired by pottery. I have also created images of troubled people, damages of fraught cultures, sugarcane and migrant workers in rough fields, mothers protecting children from ravages of injustice, children killed, starving children, pregnant refugees. My husband, also a KAA member, when not consumed by teaching the US Constitution, is my fine framer. Cards of my paintings are also available.

How to Contact Me:

Name: Anne Vaughan

Email: annenile[@]

About My Art:

Media: Oil on Canvas

Subjects: Landscapes and Still Life

Samples of Artwork:

“Orb Ocean Shore Parkland”

“Luxury and Citrus”

“Cove, The Path”

The KAA Gallery, located in scenic Kittery Point, Maine, sponsors a variety of public events including art exhibits, music, poetry, guest lectures & art receptions.

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