KAA 2019 Music Events Schedule

Brooks Williams
March 31Brooks Williams courtesy photo

Jordan Tirrell-Wysocki Trio
April 13Photo of Jordan Tirrell-Wysocki Trio

Maeve Gilchrist
April 28Photo of Maeve Gilchrist

Caroline Cotter
June 20Photo of Caroline Cotter

La Madeleine
June 29Photo of La Madeleine

Bobby Keyes Trio
August 17Photo of Bobby Keyes

September 20Photo of Sea Smoke

Cosy Sheridan
October 5Photo of Cosy Sheridan

Cormac McCarthy
October 19Photo of Cormac McCarthy

Bill Staines
November 29Photo of Bill Staines

December 13Kent Allyn, Susie Burke, David Surette

The KAA Gallery, located in scenic Kittery Point, Maine, sponsors a variety of public events including art exhibits, music, poetry, guest lectures & art receptions.

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