Virtual Show Submission Guidelines

Calling ALL Member Artists!

Would you like to extend the visibility of your art online?
Participate in one of our virtual art shows here at KAA!

It’s as simple as taking a photo of your artwork with your Smart Phone and sending it in an email!

Kittery Art Association invites all member artists to submit digital images of their artwork for the Virtual Exhibitions. This is a unique opportunity for KAA artists to exhibit work on the KAA Website.  We began these virtual exhibits due to the Covid Pandemic  in lieu of our traditional exhibit hanging on the walls.  We have decided to continue with this format in addition to the exhibits within the Gallery. Pieces can be ones previously exhibited at KAA but must be for sale. 

Submission & Show Dates: Check out the Exhibit Schedule for the next virtual show. 

Images should be “upload ready”, 1MB or less, and cropped. But if you are in need of assistance, our webmaster will help you with this, simply send the photo(s) in the email and she will adjust the image.

How To Enter:

Each artist can submit up to three images. Send your submission via email to “kaavirtualexhibit[@]”  with the following:

    • Image of your Art
    • Artist Name
    • Phone Number (not to be published only used for KAA admin to contact if pieces sell)
    • Title of Artwork
    • Medium of Artwork
    • Size (Include description of frame if not in the image).
    • Price
    • Priority (For explanation see *FAQ below)

CONTRACT: By submitting images to this email with the proper information, the submitting artist is agreeing to the following:

    • The KAA, its directors, officers, and volunteers shall not be responsible for quality of the image submitted. The images used in the virtual exhibit will be the quality as submitted (as long as each image is 1MB or less).
    • Any artwork virtually exhibited will remain for the entire show. There will not be any exchanges or removal of artwork for the duration of the virtual exhibit.
    • KAA has the Artist’s permission to use images of submitted work solely for the KAA’s publicity purposes.
    • The KAA will receive 30% of the purchase price of any artwork sold while exhibited.
    • If the Artist submits more than one piece they must indicate the *first* work they want included in the exhibit; if none is indicated, one will be selected for you.
    • The Artist agrees to take responsibility for delivering any sold work to the buyer.  The gallery must remain closed during this time and will not be used by the KAA Admin to deliver works to buyers. However, the Artist may meet the Buyer at the KAA Gallery on the deck if this is a convenient meeting spot.  They may choose to wait for delivery till after the Stay At Home order is lifted.


Who can make a submission to the KAA Virtual Exhibit?

Any Artist who has an active membership at KAA. Want to renew your membership or become a new member? Click here to sign up today!

Does it cost any money to make a submission?

No, it will not cost any money for the submission. But donations are always accepted and can be made either by mail to KAA, P.O. Box 44, Kittery Point, ME 03905 or via the website at:    These donations help to keep the KAA’s efforts to support the Marcia Abigail Ryder Scholarship fund fully funded.

How many submissions can one artist make?

Each artist can submit up to three pieces to the virtual exhibit providing order of preference.  KAA will try to include all three pieces. The total number of pieces KAA receives will determine how many will be included in the virtual exhibit.  But at least one WILL be included for every artist submitting. (There are memory space limitations on the KAA website that could also be a factor).

Are 3D art pieces accepted ?

Yes, digital images of 3D art pieces are accepted but must have a neutral background.

What is the theme and deadline for submissions?

Check out the Exhibit Schedule for the next virtual show.

What will the virtual exhibit experience be like?

Visitors will see a page full of thumbnail images that they can click on to see a larger image along with the detailed info on the image. There will be left and right arrows that they can then scroll through the entire exhibit.  The main virtual gallery page will have the instructions if anyone is interested in purchasing a piece of art.

How would a visitor purchase a piece of art?

Visitors will see on the main page of the exhibition directions to purchase art.  They will be directed to call or email the gallery and leave a message.  Within 2 days, a KAA Admin will call them back to process the purchase and collect contact information. (Continued in next FAQ).

What can an Artist expect if their work is sold?

When a piece is sold, the Artist will be called by KAA Admin providing them with the name and contact information of the buyer.  It is the Artist’s responsibility to contact the buyer to make arrangements to get the art to them.  A commission check will be sent after the close of the Virtual Exhibit by mail (as normal process) for the 70% of the purchase price. The Artist contact information will NOT be provided to the buyer for privacy purposes.


The KAA Gallery, located in scenic Kittery Point, Maine, sponsors a variety of public events including art exhibits, music, poetry, guest lectures & art receptions.

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